YIKES!!!! Omar Epps Sued for Breaking A Woman Arm!! [Video]

YIKES!!!! Omar Epps Sued for Breaking A Woman Arm On Set?? [Video] — This is crazy to see Omar Epps in a news and getting sued. Omar Epps is one of those actors we rarely see in any type of gossip or news. And we’ve been following his career since the 90s. We have always been fans of Omar Epps since Juice. So it’s strange seeing his name being reported for assault. The¬†actress who starred in the movie ‘Shooter’ is suing Omar Epps and also suing Paramount Pictures for an incident that happened on set in 2016. I guess this woman feels Omar Epps and the movie production company didn’t handle her with care and broke her arm.

This what’s being reported by our friends over at TMZ.

Donzaleigh Abernathy claims she was filming a scene with Epps in May 2016 for the USA show “Shooter” where his character was supposed to murder her character, when he “completely deviated from the script” and “threw his left forearm with full force at [her] right arm,” and broke it.

Abernathy says she was 59 at the time, and claims a much younger and stronger Epps was negligent and reckless in his handling of her during the scene. According to the docs … along with breaking her arm, he also dropped her hard on the floor and injured her back. She claims production was stopped and she was rushed to the hospital. Abernathy is suing Epps, along with Paramount Pictures, for negligence and assault and battery. She’s asking for damages for her pain and suffering and wants her medical costs — present and future — covered. Source