WATCH: Showtime “THE CHI” Season 1 Full With Jason Mitchell and Jacob Latimore! (Video)

WATCH: Showtime “THE CHI” Season 1 Full With Jason Mitchell and Jacob Latimore! (Video) — The Chi Season 1 (2018) Teaser Trailer preview. When does The Chi Come On? Rapper Common, Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine, Alex Hibbert, Yolonda Ross, Armando Riesco and Tiffany Boone starring in “The Chi”. Starz and HBO better pump the brakes. Showtime saying “Wait a minute… we got new content for African-Americans too. Showtime is set to feature a brand new series called “The Chi”. This series is featured in Chicago and is set to air January 2018. It’s already getting great reviews online. The Chi has a lot of up and coming, young actors and actresses.

It should be pretty good. The Shade Files love seeing new African-American series. We love seeing Young African-Americans giving the opportunity to showcase their talent. They have Jason Mitchell of Straight Outta Compton. You remember he played the role of Eazy-E. And they also have singer Jacob Latimore starring in the movie…So this should be pretty interesting.

Both of these young actors are doing their best to get their feet into Hollywood and make that mark in Hollywood. So you want to definitely go out and support this new series If you don’t have Showtime….it’s probably time to get it. The Shade Files will definitely be watching “The Chi” and we will keep you updated with our reviews on the series. We also noticed rapper Common is starring in “The Chi” You know Common don’t let nothing go down in Chicago without him. Check out the trailer below and tell us your thoughts. Leave us a comment below.