WATCH: HBO Insecure Season 3# Preview, Trailer and Predictions!! [Video]

WATCH: HBO Insecure Season 3# Preview, Trailer, and Predictions!! [Video] — So as you probably know we are die-hard HBO Insecure fans. First off let me say this….We’ve been watching Insecure since day one. It seems like a lot of people are just not catching the vibe and just not picking up on Insecure. (Not Us) Which is cool…we welcome all new fans to the show. but we’d like to think that we are in a special class of insecure fans because we know everything about the show in and out.

Let me start with the predictions for insecure season 3.

Daniel and Issa will not last more than a week. This is a terrible way to start a new relationship but it’s interesting at the same time.

Eventually, Issa will move in with Molly because that’s the ideal situation for her. Issa cannot afford her own apartment right now especially, how high rent is in Los Angeles. I do think Lawrence and his friends will get into an argument because they’re giving him bad advice and Larence will eventually realize that he’s getting bad advice from his friends.

There will be a twist this season 3 of insecure. We may see someone come down with an STD because everyone on the Internet is talking about how the show is not practicing safe smashing. So we may see a twist with that.

Also, I do think season 3 will be the season that Issa and Lawrence get back together but it will be rocky at first but it will happen. I do see Molly continuing her therapy session with her psychiatrist. What are you think?

Leave us your predictions of HBO insecure season 3.