VOTE FOR STACEY DASH? Hell Nah Y’all, Stacey Dash Running for Political Office!! [Video]

VOTE FOR STACEY DASH? Hell Nah Y’all Stacey Dash Running for Political Office!! [Video] — Alright, I’m done Y’all. If anyone votes for Stacey Dash in any type of office I will be passed the level of pissed off. I hope Stacey Dash doesn’t get not one vote. As you can probably can tell….we are not big fans of Stacey Dash. Her right wing views are more than extreme they are more like crazy. Stacey Dash, most famously known for being a Donald Trump supporter has the black community looking at her like she is literally crazy.

People in the black community think Stacey Dash has completely lost her mind. And now it’s been confirmed. Because Stacey Dash has to be crazy if she thinks that anyone is going to vote her in any type of office. I remember the old Stacey Dash when she was on the cover of Black Men magazine and also Smooth Magazine. What happened to that Stacey Dash? I understand that people grow and people change but WTF. For what happened to the Stacey Dash from Clueless? lol This is what’s being reported by our friends over at The Jasmine Brand.

Stacey Dash is still contemplating jumping into the political game. This week, she gave an update to supporters that suggest Saying Thank you for all of your comments. Now, I have to make a choice. And praying about it and putting it into God’s hands. Stacey Dash Wants To Run For Political Office. As previously reported, last week, the 51-year-old actress shared on social media that she was considering running for political office. She tweeted, A number of people online and off have suggested I run for political office. I wanted to see what my online community thinks of this idea as I mull the possibilities. Thoughts? Source