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HOOD! LaLa Anthony Turns Into LaKeisha Grant Off POWER In New York Yesterday! — So our girl LaLa Anthony was spotted in New York yesterday and I had to blog about it because she was so hood. Now I know Lala is originally from Atlanta Georgia but she has actually became a native New Yorker. LaLa Anthony been living in New York so long….a lot of people forget her roots are in Atlanta Georgia.

I never really been a big fan of LaLa Anthony acting career because she hasn’t played many roles in movies. But I do like lala and Starz new hit power. Have you ever watch Power? That’s one of our favorite shows on TV.

LaLa Anthony plays this witty street hairdresser character in the movie Power. And she’s being played by her best friend who selling drugs out of her hair salon. Lala finds out about it and now they are no longer friends. I don’t want to give away too much but make sure you check out season 3 of Starz new hit power. Our girl girl Lala hold it down for the HOOD girls.


PLAYER? Tristan Thompson Still SMASHING His Baby Mama And Khloe Kardashian? — Who is Tristan Thompson Baby Mother? Is Tristan and Khloe still together? So NBA player Tristan Thompson is playing Khloe Kardashian and his baby mama? Apparently for Valentine’s Day Tristan Thompson gave Khloe Kardashian and his baby mama the exact same flowers. Trish and Thompson is now being trashed on social media for giving Khloe Kardashian and his baby mama the same roses for Valentine’s Day.

Let me explain this to you. In professional sports you have to have some type of gimmick to be on the blogs everyday. You got people like Odell Beckham jr. Who dye their hair blonde with curly on top looking like Raymond Noodles. You have James Harden who has a beard that he hasn’t shaved in 20 years. It is you have the players who date a Kardashian to get their names in the blogs everyday.

Tristan Thompson just signed a huge contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers. He just won an NBA championship. Tristan Thompson had everything he wanted except for his name being a household name and all the blogs everyday. So how did you get that? You date a Kardashian. And that’s what happened when Tristan Thompson. But be careful what you ask for.


Kim Zolciak Back On Real Housewives Of Atlanta Fighting With Kenya Moore!! — why did Kim bring herself back on the Real Housewives of Atlanta season 9? To have her own reality show with her husband and her kids. What happened to that reality show? Kim was really need the money to be back on the Real Housewives of Atlanta in 2017.

I have to say and make sure the desk but I really need for my day to come back on the show after these all these years. I’m not sure how her show did it ratings but coming back on the Real Housewives of Atlanta is definitely not a good look because all these women do is pick on her in the first place.

I just think it this point Kim should have moved on to bigger and better things. She’s been on the show since the very beginning of season one and it looks like she took a few steps back. And sometimes I know you have to take a few steps back in order to take one step forward but getting back with these women just definitely not a good look.


Cynthia and Peter Back Together But The Divorce Is Final!! — is Cynthia and Peter back together on the Real Housewives of Atlanta season 9? I really hope Cynthia is not falling for Peter again. I really hope she decides to move on from this fell marriage. The reason why it’s because Peter is no good for Cynthia at all and she can do much better than Peter. As you can see Peter has moved on and brought another girl around at one of his events. Peter’s new girlfriend.

I just think safety is in a barn of a place right now and that’s why she’s pulling back for Peter again. I do think the girls was right when they told Cynthia to leave her heart open for Love Again. And it’s difficult to move on after eight years of marriage. But it look like it’s not too hard for Peter to move on because he has a new girlfriend.

Cynthia is a beautiful woman and then a lot of guys who would love to date her. Once again she has to leave her heart open when she’s ready to date again and she will. But the good news is her divorce is final. The bad news is Peter has a new girlfriend and he’s bringing around her around all their friends. I don’t think that’s a good idea. What do you think about Cynthia and Peter divorce? And what do you think about Peter’s new girlfriend?.


Peter New Girlfriend Pops Up Event, Cynthia Is CRUSHED!!! — Peter from The Real Housewives of Atlanta season 9 done went and got himself a new girlfriend. Peter decided that since his marriage and divorce are officially over it’s time to move on to fresh meat. Always felt like Peter was using Cynthia for business opportunities. Always felt like Peter media to be in the position he is right now. 2bc my payments and reality TV famous and to have a club and Charlotte.

Peter is exactly where he wants to be. He have to fame that he needs from the community. He has two women that he needs to get have his attention or the attention that he needs from the women from watching The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Any also have a club in Charlotte call Bar One. Peter would have none of these things if it wasn’t for Cynthia.

I’m not saying Peter does of Cynthia all I’m saying is Peter seems like a opportunist. He saw a perfect opportunity to get exactly what he wanted out of life. I do believe he loved Cynthia and I do believe he loved her daughter. But I also believe Peter puts his Ambitions first. I think Peter put his career Ambitions before the marriage. What do you think? Leave a comment below.


Porsha Is Pregnant By Boyfriend Todd On RHOA!! — is Porsha on the Real Housewives of Atlanta having a baby by her boyfriend Todd? This is a big mistake about the happened. Porsha and Todd are no way ready for baby together. First of all that doesn’t have a job right now. He doesn’t have the financial means to take care of himself let alone. On top of that Porsche it’s not really into that like that. Porsha says she loves me but it’s obvious they are not in love.

It seems like Todd is more into Porsha then push it his into Thai. If you noticed I was so fast to quit his job for Porsche maybe because she makes good money on the radio station and also on the reality show. But I’d need to keep in mind that Porsha married Kordell Stewart. So she was used to being with guys who had big money. She is not going to be with Todd if he doesn’t make money.

If Porsha is pregnant I seriously doubt that she will have a baby by time because he do not make the financial means that she’s used to have him. I think Porsha was only having fun with Todd she was it intended for this to be something serious. So if Porsha is pregnant I seriously doubt if she have this baby. But once again it is great storyline for the producers of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. What do you think? Do you think Porsche should have a baby by Todd?