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HOT PICS!!! Who Is Martin Lawrence New 25 Year Old Girlfriend? Meet Her! — Marty Marty got himself a new girlfriend. A lot of people don’t know that Martin Lawrence had got a divorce a few years ago. Martin Lawrence is now back on the dating scene and the internet is going crazy because Martin Lawrence is 51 years old. His new girlfriend it’s apparently 25 years old. That’s a twenty-six-year-old difference.

Is it okay for older men to date younger women? How comfortable are you with older men dating older younger women? I think it’s a double standard sometime because if it was a 20 5 year old man and a 51 year old woman should be labeled as a cougar.

But for some reason for older men dating younger women there is no label for them. And it happens a lot of times. But most of the situations be older men with money. I never see a broke old man dating a young attractive woman. That doesn’t seem to work very well.

The Divorce

But shout out to Martin and his new twenty-five-year-old girlfriend. I hope everything work out for Martin Lawrence and his new girlfriend. Maybe they will get married soon. Or maybe they’re just having fun. We will keep you posted and let you know how this relationship turns. Leave a comment below on your thoughts of young women dating older men.

The New Girlfriend:

LMAO!!! Safaree New Girlfriend ‘Star Divine’ Dubbed The Fake Nicki Minaj!! — Who is Safaree Samuel new Girlfirend? Safaree girlfriend Instagram page? Nicki Minaj ex-boyfriend Safaree Samuel is doing all he can to stay relevant. But you really can’t blame him. After being dumped by Nicki Minaj Safaree decided to go on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. And he’s also been on the K Michelle reality show the life of K Michelle. Now he has a new girlfriend that everyone on the Internet is bashing right now.

Keeping mind Safaree got into the mainstream Spotlight by being Nicki Minaj boyfriend. And that’s kind of rare because it’s always the other way around. We got celebrities like Amber Rose who became famous from being Kanye West girlfriend. We have Kim Kardashian who became famous from being Ray J girlfriend. And now we have Safaree famous for being Nicki Minaj ex-boyfriend.

So I guess people are fascinated with who Safaree dates now and apparently he’s dating some new model named Star Divine. And I guess she’s relevant because her photo shoot says Barbies all on it. Check out the video below and tell us what you think. Should we even care who Safaree dates? Leave us a comment below.


Aggressive Lesbian? Kandi Says Porsha Is a Aggressive Lesbian When She Drunk!! — Okay first question is …what is an aggressive lesbian. Kandi called Porsha and aggressive lesbian signifying that every time Porsha gets drunks she come on strong to women. It almost makes me want to ask a question….did Kandi and Porsha have a relationship together?

It seriously makes me wonder if Porsha and Kandi were ever intimate together. I think that’s what’s going to come out next. I think in the future we will probably find out Kandi and Porsha may have been intimate at one point in time. But right now they are at each other next so strong and they both seem like they’re willing to fight at a drop of a dime.

Porsha is supposed to be in anger management class. Well….she’s not showing she learned much in that anger management class. Because she is fighting all over the place. And for some reason these girls think Porsha is dumb or stupid. They treat her like she is dumb. To me that is very offensive. I actually think Porsha is very smart. She made some career moves that was very beneficial to her. And for Porsha to still be relevant today on reality TV shows that she has some smarts.

What do you think about Porsche or Kandi being bisexual?


“I Don’t TEST Jesus” Phaedra Refuse To Do Free Fall On RHOA!! — Now I had to do this blog on Phaedra says she don’t test Jesus. It was so funny because Phaedra refused to do the hang gliding on the camping trip. As soon as I heard her say she don’t test Jesus I automatically knew that this was going to be a meme or something.

I wanted to be the first one to write a blog on Phaedra saying I don’t test Jesus. And what she said makes a lot of sense because she doesn’t want to put herself in a position to where she might hurt herself. In life you have to take risk. You have to have fun I understand that.

I’m seriously thinking about starting some shirts that says “I don’t test Jesus”


HAPPY B-DAY!! Kelly Roland In Los Angeles Celebrating Her 36th Birthday!! — Kelly Rowland just turned 36. It seems like yesterday Destiny’s Child were young teenagers doing the thing in the music industry. And now these women are all grown up with husbands and kids. Oh how time flies. Kelly Rowland spent her 36 birthday in Los Angeles with Ciara and Tina Knowles. I’m pretty sure Kelly really spend some time with her hubby too.

Did you guys hear that Destiny’s Child may have a biopic coming soon. That would be very interested to see Destiny’s Child story told on air. Especially with all the drama that surrounded Destiny’s Child in the beginning with the other girls been cut from the group.

Out of all the girls that was in the group it will be a lot of drama surrounding a biopic with Destiny’s Child. Because that’s how old wounds open back up. Do y’all remember TV One Unsung with the singing group Xscape? You do remember Kandi and Tiny starting beef and again after that show was aired. So Destiny’s Child biopic will bring a lot of drama and open a lot of old wounds.


THE SHADE!!! Rapper Cam’ron SLAMS Jim Jones & Questioning His Gangsterism? — this beef between Cam’ron and Jim Jones is not going anywhere anytime soon. Recently Jim Jones just signed the contract with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation. And as you know Jay Z and Jim Jones have been beefing for over 13 years. And they finally squash the beef. Right after the signing Jim Jones did it interview and Cam’ron name was brought up.

Jim Jones was asked about the beef with Camron. He went into details about his side of the story. Cam’ron watch the interview and immediately responded with his own life Facebook chat video. Cam’ron seems to go in on everything from the beginning of the beef all the way up to now. And in that live video camera and reveals some things that a lot of people didn’t know.

It was strange because Camron actually was throwing shade at Jim Jones as well. Cameron said that Jim Jones was basically his height men. Which kind of makes sense because no one knew who Jim Jones was before, and brought him on the scene. But then Cam’ron started talking about Jim Jones Street Cred. So far as saying Jim Jones never had guns before. Check out the video below and tell us what you think.