SUSPECTS ARRESTED? Jason Derulo Home BREAK IN! Los Angeles House Burglarized!! [Watch]

SUSPECTS ARRESTED?? Jason Derulo Home BREAK IN! Los Angeles House Burglarized!! [Watch] — So apparently there’s a robbing crew in Los Angeles that’s going around breaking into celebrity homes. Just recently this year they hit Kylie Jenner, Nicki Minaj, and Drake. Just to name a few celebrity homes that were broken into. Now it’s Jason Derulo. We’re hearing from our sources that police actually have suspects in these break-ins but the cops being very quiet about the suspects.

Most of the time these type of robberies or break-ins are done by people who are close to the celebrities. They may be disgruntled employees. They may be former friends.

Let’s take a look at the Chris Brown situation. Chris Brown found himself in a situation where people ran in his house and tied up his family members and stole money.

A lot of people believe that these were Chris Brown former friends who committed this terrible crime. Regardless if you are a celebrity or not you have to be careful in today’s time.

Your home is your castle and you have to protect it as such. Not everyone supposed to know where you live not everyone supposed to be inside your home. Very important not to let people know your schedule. Let’s hope the cops have this under control before someone gets hurt.