SUED!!! K Michelle Sued By a Chef At Her Atlanta Restaurant!!! [Video]

SUED!!! K Michelle Sued By a Chef At Her Atlanta Restaurant!!! [Video] — As you know “The Shade Files” is based in Atlanta. And we’ve been to several different upscale restaurants in Atlanta. Several celebrities own restaurants in Atlanta including TI, Ludacris, and even P Diddy had a restaurant in Atlanta called Justin’s. And, let’s not forget about Kandi Burgess mom restaurant in Atlanta called “Old Lady Gang” Most famously… Gladys Knight has a restaurant in Atlanta on Peachtree. Gladys Knight Chicken and Waffles is one of our favorite locations. Now K Michelle has a restaurant in Atlanta and we’re hearing that things may not be going too well. It’s being reported they K Michelle is being sued buy a former chef at the restaurant for non-payment.

Here’s what are friends over at the Jasmine brand is reporting.

K. Michelle hit with a new lawsuit. The singer and reality star has been accused of not properly compensating the chef at her Atlanta restaurant. Anwar Molette sued K. Michelle and River Lee Holdings LLC in a Georgia court. River Lee Holdings is the company which owns and operates a restaurant known as Puff & Petals Lounge in ATL, which K. Michelle owns.

Molette explains he was employed by Michelle as sous chef at the restaurant. He says while working there he was paid a flat rate per week, no matter the number of hours he worked. The suit claims Molette often worked in excess of 40 hours per week. He accuses Michelle of not paying him any overtime. He is suing K. Michelle for violating labor laws and for his unpaid wages and overtime. Source