SLAY!! Issa Rae Looks STUNNING On Ad Week Magazine!!! [Watch]

SLAY!! Issa Rae Looks STUNNING On Ad Week Magazine!!! [Watch] — Now Summer is gone….The fall time is here and Issa Rae is still doing big things in Hollywood. Issa has a lot of things coming her way from the success of HBO Insecure show. Just this week…she looks stunning on Ad Week Magazine. Did y’all get a chance to check Issa Rae on the cover of Ad Week?? Issa Rae is a perfect example of what hard work gets you. Especially when you dedicate yourself to your passion. Issa Rae started out with her television series on YouTube and at first, she wasn’t getting a lot of love but now look where she is today.

I remember season 1 of HBO Insecure was not getting a lot of love. I remember watching it from day one and felt that the show was a success from day one. Now, look how big Insecure has become. Now, look how big she has become. I’m so happy for her success and her whole awkward girl series on YouTube. Congratulations to Issa Rae…. keep doing your thing. Check out the video below.