RATCHETNESS? Lil’ Mo ‘Love & Hip Hop’ New York Season 8 Trailer Is a HOT MESS!!! [Watch]

RATCHETNESS? Lil’ Mo ‘Love & Hip Hop’ New York Season 8 Trailer Is a HOT MESS!!! [Watch] Who is on the cast of new love and hip hip NY season 8– Okay, let me first start off by saying I’m happy Lil Moe getting her shine again. I know the Love & Hip Hop franchise will help Lil Mo get more exposure, features and hosting gigs. Basically, help Lil Mo get to where she needs to be. I am upset Love & Hip Hop I want to try to expose certain people or even put some people in a bad certain spotlight. I was a big fan of R&B Divas Hollywood. I know Lil Mo is not from Los Angeles she’s from Baltimore but she was just on R&B Divas Los Angeles and now she’s going to be on Love & Hip Hop New York. Lil Mo is smart about her money.

The VH1 Love & Hip Hop producers don’t care who they expose to get ratings. I know Lil Mo is married to a Muslim boxer and she is Muslim too. I noticed several pictures on Instagram with Lil Mom was in wearing her Muslim attire. But now Love and Hip-Hop and VH1 released a new trailer of Lil Mo not being who she really is. The video below is totally different from who Lil Mo is on Instagram with her Muslim attire. So this is what I’m talking about. Love & Hip Hop producers probably told Lil Mo she needs to be ratchet and get turnt up to stay on the show. We will check out Love & Hip Hop New York season 8 and let you know our thoughts. Shout out to Lil Mo getting her paper. Leave us a comment below and tell us what you think.