THE RAP GAME IS BACK!!! Watch New Season 4 Trailer RIGHT NOW!!! (Video)

THE RAP GAME IS BACK!!! Watch New Season 4 Trailer RIGHT NOW!!! (Video) When does the new season of Lifetime rap game start? Who is on the new season of rap game? Y’all ready for this season of the rap game? Queen Latifah and Jermaine Dupri are back with a new season of the rap game on Lifetime network. This is actually season 4 and they have a brand new cast coming for you guys to meet. Everyone is excited about this new season of the rap game because the last three seasons were phenomenal. A lot of great artists came out of those seasons and a lot of opportunities came for these youngsters.

We just got our hands on a brand new video of season 4 the rap game and we wanted to share with the shade files readers. We noticed we have a lot of readers on the shade files that are fans of the rap game because people love to see young people get an opportunity to show you case their talent. and the rap game provides just that. It’s an awesome showcase to provide Talent two young people to shine. I noticed that Atlanta is the hotspot for a lot of young artists to get opportunities now. You no longer have to be in Los Angeles or New York to make it. The south is on the rise with places like Atlanta and Miami are great locations to start music careers. Take a look at the new rap game trailer below and leave a comment tell us what you think. The shape I will keep you updated on everything the rap game this new season kicking off November 24th. Leave us a comment below.