Quincy Jones Is PLAYA!! Quincy Jones Says He Has 22 Girlfriends RIGHT NOW!! [Watch]

Quincy Jones Is PLAYA!! Quincy Jones Says He Has 22 Girlfriends RIGHT NOW!! [Watch] — 84 years old now Quincy Jones wants to come out as a player. If Quincy Jones such a player now with 22 girlfriends, why was he hating on Tupac so bad? When Tupac was dating Quincy Jones daughter, Tupac revealed that Quincy Jones gave him a hard time. Now all these years later Quincy Jones talking about he has 22 girlfriends?

Really? Come on player…lol

The music mogul opened up in an interview with GQ about his love for women and how he maintains his relationships with his girlfriends who live all across the world. In his 84 years, Jones has been married three times and now just has “22 girlfriends.” When asked if he seriously had 22 girlfriends, the “Slow Jams” singer responded. “Hell yeah. Everywhere. Cape Town. Cairo. Stockholm—she’s coming in next week. Brazil — Belo Horizonte, São Paulo, and Rio. Shanghai — got a great girl over there from Shanghai, man. Cairo, whew.”

The music mogul revealed that all of his girlfriends know about each other. “Yeah, I don’t lie. And it’s amazing — women get it, man. Don’t you ever forget they’re 13 years smarter than we are? Don’t you ever forget it.” Jones revealed that his current girlfriends range in age from “28 to 42”. However, he admitted that the ages are made-up numbers so that his daughters won’t feel like he dates women who are younger than them. But Jones admits that he would never date a woman his own age. “Hell no! You see me with an 84-year-old woman? Are you crazy?” he told GQ. Source