NO CLONES, JUST STONES!!! Omarion Vs Ray J For B2K!! [Watch]

NO CLONES JUST STONES!!! Omarion Vs Ray J For B2K!! [Watch] — So Omarion is throwing shots at B2K reunion and also Ray J taking over the group on Instagram. Omarion is not playing any games out here in these streets with anybody replacing him and B2K. So maybe he should return their phone calls. So maybe he should return the messages on Instagram. Oh maybe he should be more vocal about returning to the group. It wouldn’t be a bad thing if Omarion return back to B2K.

Maybe he should seriously reconsider because it can be a lot of money for him. Omarion maybe caught in his feelings. Only he knows what’s going on and the real reasons he’s not returning to the group. But maybe he should try to look past that. Maybe he should really try to make this happen because he can make a lot of money within this reunion tour. Of course there will be some arguing. Of course there would be some fighting. But everyone is adults now and they can make it work. Omarion seriously reconsider joining B2K it can mean millions of dollars for you and your family. Just get past all the petty nonsense and drama.