The Game New Blonde Haircut?

The Game New Blonde Haircut?

The Game New Blonde Haircut? — rapper The Game new hairstyle. The Game New blonde hair cut. So the game has what up as switches haircut again. This time he went for a blonde look. It almost looks like he’s trying to do his hairstyle like Odell Beckham jr. From the New York Giants. Like he started to do his haircut like that but then changed his mind but was stuck with the color.

The game seem like one of those rappers that do anything for attention. I can see why the game and 50 Cent was close friends at one time because they both love to be petty on Instagram.

You do know the game and Meek Mill are still beefing right? Well…yesterday the game posted a picture of rapper Drake and Nicki Minaj together. And he was still taking shots at Meek Mill. Basically messing with him over The Break-Up that he had and how the whole breakup was I’m the public eyes.

So The Game loves being petty on social media. But we did notice his haircuts and we noticed last year 2016 he was rocking the braids with the hair cut on the side… so we just wanted to know what you guys think about the game new blonde hairstyle. Leave us a comment below.