NEW REALITY SHOW! Tina and Teddy Campbell New Reality Show!!!

NEW REALITY SHOW! Tina and Teddy Campbell New Reality Show!!!  — Are you all ready for Tina and Teddy Campbell new reality show? Well, get ready for Tina at Teddy’s new reality show coming in 2018 on WE TV. You heard it here first or The Shade Tina and Teddy are already setting up their own fan base with a YouTube channel. This is more beneficial for Tina and Teddy financially. Their family gets to keep a hundred percent of all the profits from the reality show.

Plus this is an opportunity for Tina to promote her new music, her new books and her new shows around the country. You remember when K Michelle left Love and Hip-Hop and started her own reality show. Well…this would be the exact same thing. This is Tina Campbell stepping out on her own, creating her own legacy and being in charge of our own destiny. we support both Tina and Erica Campbell and pursuing their own endeavors. Remember you heard it first here on The Shade Tina and Teddy Campbell will have their own real reality show in 2018.