NEW BIKINI PICS!!! Gabrielle Union, Joseline, Trina, Tyra Banks and Teyonah Parris!!! [Hot]

NEW BIKINI PICS!!! Gabrielle Union Joseline Trina Tyra Banks and Teyonah Parris!!! [Hot] — With 2017 winding down and Christmas next week, we were surprised to see several celebrities posting bikini pics on social media.

Today Gabrielle Union posted a very nice bikini pic while down in Miami. Miami, Florida is always nice, except during hurricane season of course.

Speaking of Miami…Female emcee Trina also posted new bikini pics. Trina is originally from Miami but right now Trina is in New York. Trina has a show she’s doing tomorrow in Harlem, New York. If you’re in New York, make sure you go check out our homegirl Trina.

Now at 44 years old, Tyra Banks posted some new very creative bikini pics all social media during the week. Tyra Banks dressed up as a tiger for a new promo she’s doing. Shout out the Tyra Banks. I’m pretty sure 2018 will be a great year for her.

Now to the reality TV. Love & Hip Hop star Joseline posted several bikini pics on social media. Joseline is showing everyone how she bounced back after having a baby recently. Joseline been working really hard getting her body back in top-notch shape. Joseline promoting a new program called in shape in 28 days. Her bikini pics are also taken out in Florida.

Last but not least…homegirl Teyonah Parris is overseas in Africa.

Teyonah Parris took some very beautiful pictures.

If you don’t Teyonah Parris, she plays on the hit show “Survivor Remorse” on Starz. The show is executive produced by LeBron James.

We are definitely fans of Teyonah Parris.

Check out all the pics and leave us a comment below.