MEET THE CAST! Love and Hip Hop Miami!! [Watch]

MEET THE CAST! Love and Hip Hop Miami!! [Watch] So today VH1 decided to release the brand new trailer for Love & Hip Hop Miami which everyone been waiting on for a while now. I’ll be getting plenty of emails from people who want to know who the cast members of Love & Hip Hop Miami. A lot of people was confused as if Rick Ross and his new girlfriend would be on the show. Or Rick Ross and his baby mamas will be on the show. I had people even emailing me asking me was Pretty Ricky going to be on the show with their baby mamas because they haven’t been in Limelight in a long time. The list goes on and on Pitbull was another and also Luke was another candidate for the show which we believe Luke turn it down Mona Scott and the Love & Hip Hop producers.

Luke has his own thing going on with an autobiography coming out pretty soon and a movie deal. Plus Luke already had a reality show a few years ago. the right now this is who we know that’s included in the staff Love & Hip Hop Miami. Trick Daddy, Trina, Gunplay, Amara La Negra, and more! Let us know if you’re going to be watching Love & Hip Hop Miami and let us know what you think about the caskets year. The show starts in January 2018 so we look forward to blogging during the show. Leave us a comment below.