Masika New Song is HOT!! But Gets Into a Fight At Her Show Case!!

Masika New Song is HOT!! But Gets Into a Fight At Her Show Case!! — Now I know everybody is going to be surprised about this but I have to say that Makisa music is actually not that bad. I was listening to her music during Love & Hip Hop Hollywood season 4 episode 8 and I was shockingly surprised by the quality of music. All she was known for from the beginning of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood was modeling and basically dating rapper Fetty WAP. but now she will be known for something much more than just being a model and fighting different cast members on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood.

It’s funny because the show was called love-and-hip-hop-Hollywood but it’s very few people on the show that actually have talent. I mean they did get Keyshia Cole’s on the show and they got Ray J on the show but everybody else pretty much not really that much talent. but Makisa may actually have a future in music if she keeps putting out good quality music.

She definitely has to look but I’m afraid that the drama she carries may not be appealing to record labels who will consider signing her. The internet is so important when it comes to launching a music career so she possibly could have her music career independently and still make a great buzz by being on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. We posted summer Makisa new music here on the shade files below check it out and tell us what you think. Leave a comment below.