LIT!!! Floyd Mayweather, Diddy and Gucci Mane Turnt Up at The Super Bowl!! [Video]

LIT!!! Floyd Mayweather Diddy and Gucci Mane Turnt Up at The Super Bowl!! [Video] — Last night a lot of millionaires and billionaires were hanging out in Minnesota for the Super Bowl. Floyd Mayweather who is the richest athlete in the world was chilling at the Super Bowl with the fur coat. I noticed a lot of celebrities are getting more into their fur coats. We just saw a Rick Ross post a new picture on Instagram with a nice fur coat on as well. But back to the Super Bowl. Floyd Mayweather out here getting it in.

Diddy was also at the Superbowl Rock in the fur coat with his son Justin. Once again, part of that Billionaire Boys Club. If you watch the video below Diddy talks about tripping a referee on the sideline. He stole that from Jay-Z. Also Gucci Mane at the Super Bowl. I hate to say this but going to jail was the best thing that happened to Gucci Mane’s career.

Since Gucci Mane been out of jail he’s been on top of the rap game. Before Gucci Mane went to jail he was at the bottom of the rap game. So shout out to all these entrepreneurs getting money in the industry and having fun doing it.

Check out the video below.

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