HBO Insecure Season 3 Weekly News Update + Insecure Podcast! (NEW)

HBO Insecure Season 3 Weekly News Update + Insecure Podcast! (NEW) — If you are in Atlanta…I got some good news and bad news. The good news is….You have the Opportunity to see Molly live on Stage. Molly real name Ya-Von Orji will be at THE PUNCHLINE next Wednesday, October 11th, The show starts at 7 p.m. and tickets are only $25.
The bad news is…. the show is sold out. It was crazy because Molly posted the show on Twitter October 3rd at 10:19 am and less than 20 hours later the show was sold out.

The Shade Files and “I’m So Insecure” Podcast will be there live…reporting live…We Got Y’all.

SECONDLY…Larry Wilmore and Viola Davis are producing a new show for ABC called “Black Don’t Crack”. As you know Larry Wilmore is one of the writers and creators for HBO Insecure… Well he just landed a new series on ABC called Black Don’t Crack. Issa Rae actually tweeted out saying YES!! Regina Hicks, Larry Wilmore and Viola Davis better come through with this “Black Golden Girls” Congrats Larry Wilmore and Regina Hick on your new show….Both are writers on our favorite show Insecure. Speaking On Regina Hicks…Her other new show on ABC called “The Mayor” premiered last night! What did y’all think? Did you get a chance to watch The Mayor? So far we are reading great reviews. Shout out to Regina Hicks doing it BIG in Hollywood with several TV Shows going at the same time.

LASTLY…We got to give y’all Issa Rae CLAP BACK!!!

Apparently, there is a white-owned company selling photoshop Issa Rae shirts of…. Issa’s famous saying “I’m rooting for everyone black”. Issa Rae went on Twitter and let the world know the shirt were Photoshop with her picture on it. Saying that it’s a non-black company that’s doing it too.

And Then….. some guy on Twitter…tweeted @ Issa Rae saying she could have let it ride.

Issa Rae went HAM!!! Saying “this Coming from a nigga whose bio says: “For all you thieves, my music is copyrighted and registered with ascap. Steal it so I can sue you.”

Basically, don’t come for Issa Rae…..She will clap back. And don’t photoshop her Image to try to shirt shirts with her her phases on it…She will call you out. PERIOD!!!