HBO INSECURE CONTEST DETAILS! Work On HBO Insecure Season 3!!! [Watch]

HBO INSECURE CONTEST DETAILS! Work On HBO Insecure Season 3!!! [Watch] Who Won the HBO Insecure Contest? — HBO Insecure have a new contest where they want you and your BFF to enter to win the opportunity to go to Los Angeles and work on the set of HBO Insecure season 3. Here’s the deal… this is not just a contest to fly to Los Angeles for a couple days. You will be in L.A for 2 months really working on the set of HBO insecure. As a Production assistant. The problem is…. you have to have a BFF and Y’all have to submit a video on Instagram explaining a certain things about your relationship. I have to admit…. I like the contest to work on a set of HBO but I don’t like the fact that you got to have a BFF to enter the contest.

Many people love HBO Insecure but don’t have a best friend so this eliminates them. The contest is actually a good idea but the rules of the contest eliminate a whole lot of people. I do believe they’ll have several people apply or enter this contest but it will limit the number of people who actually will submit their videos via Instagram. They want you to answer questions like “what some of the biggest challenges you and your best friend had together. And how did you overcome it? So you have to submit a 30-minute video on Instagram and if you win the contest you will be a production assistant on HBO Insecure. So basically you will be their store Runner? Making coffee for everyone…. things of that nature.
Good luck with the contest.