GOT DAMN!!!! Joseline Vs Cardi B AND Eve Vs Nicki Minaj DISS TRACKS & VIDEOS!! [Watch]

GOT DAMN!!!! Joseline Vs Cardi B AND Eve Vs Nicki Minaj DISS TRACKS & VIDEOS!! [Watch] — It’s going down today in Hip Hop for female rappers. And it’s going down in a vicious way. Let’s start with Joseline dissing Cardi B. Joseline was at an Atlanta radio station and she went HAM on Cardi B….releasing her brand new diss song called “Hate Me Now”. As you know… both Joseline and Cardi B started on Love & Hip Hop. So we’re not too sure exactly where this beef stems from.

Maybe Joseline is jealous Cardi B is the new Spanish girl taking all the spotlight.

Cardi B has 13 million followers on Instagram and Joseline only have 1.8 million followers on Instagram. Also, as you probably seen by now Nicki Minaj released a new explicit magazine cover that broke the internet last night.

Rapper Eve debut on “The Talk” show as one of their official hosts. During her very first show… Eve took shots at Nicki Minaj letting her know she didn’t like the Paper magazine cover.

On top of all this drama… Remy Ma and Lil Kim released their brand new Nicki Minaj Diss video called “Wake Me Up” which got little attention because so much other beef between Joseline and Cardi B and also Eve dissing Nicki Minaj. It’s very strange to see so much female beef all in one day. This is good for hip-hop?

We’re not sure if this is good for hip-hop but the fans are sure eating it up. Nicki Minaj fans are going in on Eve Instagram leaving bad comments. And Cardi B fans are going to Joseline Instagram calling her music wack.

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