Is Porsha a Lesbian? Kandi Says Porsha Hooked Up With Women!! — so apparently Kandi and Porsha both have secrets on each other. Apparently Kandi and Porsha both know some things about each other that they are threatened to air out if the other one air out their dirty laundry. It seems like Kandi and Porsha both experience been with women at one point of time in their lives. This doesn’t make them gay. It looks like it may be something that they were just trying out and it didn’t work for them.

This Beefing between Porsha and Kandi is really strange because they used to be really good friends. What is the source of the problem? The Real Housewives of Atlanta seems like the women take turns fighting each other. One minute they cool and the next minute they fighting It’s really strange how they can continue to show, year after year with the same drama over and over again and the same concept.

I honestly don’t feel that Porsche or Kandi are lesbians. I don’t even think they are bisexual. I just think that Porsha and Kandi were both young and experiencing different things until they realize it wasn’t for them. It’s just that simple. But to be airing each other dirty laundry out on national TV is not right. So I think this type of hurt and pain will be very difficult to repair with friends in the future.


Aggressive Lesbian? Kandi Says Porsha Is a Aggressive Lesbian When She Drunk!! — Okay first question is …what is an aggressive lesbian. Kandi called Porsha and aggressive lesbian signifying that every time Porsha gets drunks she come on strong to women. It almost makes me want to ask a question….did Kandi and Porsha have a relationship together?

It seriously makes me wonder if Porsha and Kandi were ever intimate together. I think that’s what’s going to come out next. I think in the future we will probably find out Kandi and Porsha may have been intimate at one point in time. But right now they are at each other next so strong and they both seem like they’re willing to fight at a drop of a dime.

Porsha is supposed to be in anger management class. Well….she’s not showing she learned much in that anger management class. Because she is fighting all over the place. And for some reason these girls think Porsha is dumb or stupid. They treat her like she is dumb. To me that is very offensive. I actually think Porsha is very smart. She made some career moves that was very beneficial to her. And for Porsha to still be relevant today on reality TV shows that she has some smarts.

What do you think about Porsche or Kandi being bisexual?


Porsha Have You Been With a Women? That’s My Business!! lol  So Porsha calls herself airing out Kandi dirty laundry but she has skeletons  in her closet is well. Apparently Kandi got some information on Porsche. Kandi is threatening to expose Porsha for being with women. This is so hilarious because Porsha is threatened to do same thing to Kandi. But what these women fail to realize is that we both can see their dirty laundry been on the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

These women don’t realize they are being played by Phaedra. Phaedra started this whole beef between Porsha and Kandi. If you remember Phaedra was in the hot seat because she was exposed for cheating on her husband Apollo before he went to jail. When Phaedra was confronted with cheating on Apollo she deferred the conversation by saying Kandi was gay.

So Porsha and Kandi are fighting while Phaedra is sitting back sipping tea watching the whole thing go down. I believe one of the women said Phaedra throws a rock and then hide her hands. And that’s exactly what she’s doing right now. Phaedra is throwing rocks and hiding her hands. The funny part about it is….. none of the women are calling Phaedra out. They are letting her get away with this.


Kandi Admits Being With a Woman!! YES I Tried It!!! — finally everything is out in the opening. Finally Kandi admits to being with women. On the Real Housewives of Atlanta… Kandi finally admits that she try been with women before. Kandi realized that being with women wasn’t for her. But at least she was woman enough to say that she tried it and it wasn’t for her. Kandi also stated that she loved her husband Todd and that was in her past.

Kandi past is her business and she shouldn’t have to justify it or explain it to anyone. Everyone has past and no one on earth is perfect. Who are we or these women on the Real Housewives of Atlanta to judge anyone. Kandi is a human being and she’s entitled to make her mistakes and learn from them.

Furthermore why should anyone care. It is none of anyone’s business what Kandi does in the bedroom. Wait a minute…. I’ll take that back. Kandi do have a business called Bedroom Kandi. Kandi do run a business telling her bedroom secrets to everyone. She also has a podcast and a talk show. So I guess it is everyone business.


Porsha and Block Slept Together? Porsha Was Smashing Kandi Baby Daddy!! — okay so a lot of people are wondering who is Block? If you’re not from Atlanta you may not know who Block is. Do you remember Yung Joc from College Park? Rapper Yung Joc from College Park first came out with the song it’s going down. Yung Joc was signed to a label call Block Entertainment. Block label was also a popular Atlanta with rapper Gorilla Zoe.

At one point Block was the hottest record label in Atlanta with some of the hottest artists in Atlanta on the label. This had to be the early 2000’s to 2005. What you probably don’t know is… it’s very hard to stay relevant and Atlanta when it comes to the music industry. Atlanta is so fidgety when it comes to the artists and record labels.

So apparently Block got around a little bit because he has a baby by Kandi but apparently he also sleeping around with Porsche. Porsha and Kandi are at each other throats right now and maybe it’s because of Block. We like to call it pillow talking. Apparently Block said somethings to Porsha and then Porsha spread the rumors to everyone else. Kandi and Block no longer talks but she caught wind of the rumors has been spreading about her.


Phaedra Is So FAKE!!! Not Fessing Up To Calling Kandi a Lesbian!! — I am so pissed off at Phaedra. The reason why I’m pissed off at favor because she display herself to be so fake. I don’t understand why she would not confessed to starting the rumors against Kandi. It only seemed like the right thing to do. Instead she allowed for Porsche to take the heat for something that she started. To me that is fake.

So now Porsha and Kandi are arguing back and forth over the rumors that they just started. And All Phase you can do is sit back and laugh at the whole situation. It’s unfair and it definitely shows what type of person Phaedra is. Be a woman and own up to your mess. Don’t let someone else go down for some stuff that you started. Especially when they’re going to see it eventually anyway.

I guarantee by the end of The Real Housewives Atlanta season 9 Kandi will find out that Phaedra it’s the one that started the rumors. Actually I think Auntie already know it was Phaedra. Phaedra and Kandi used to be really good friends. Hot and Apollo were really good friends. Actually tired and Apollo are still friends. Is that Phaedra was cheating on Apollo and Todd told him. And that’s what the friendship all went downhill.