HOT PICS!!! Who Is Martin Lawrence New 25 Year Old Girlfriend? Meet Her! — Marty Marty got himself a new girlfriend. A lot of people don’t know that Martin Lawrence had got a divorce a few years ago. Martin Lawrence is now back on the dating scene and the internet is going crazy because Martin Lawrence is 51 years old. His new girlfriend it’s apparently 25 years old. That’s a twenty-six-year-old difference.

Is it okay for older men to date younger women? How comfortable are you with older men dating older younger women? I think it’s a double standard sometime because if it was a 20 5 year old man and a 51 year old woman should be labeled as a cougar.

But for some reason for older men dating younger women there is no label for them. And it happens a lot of times. But most of the situations be older men with money. I never see a broke old man dating a young attractive woman. That doesn’t seem to work very well.

The Divorce

But shout out to Martin and his new twenty-five-year-old girlfriend. I hope everything work out for Martin Lawrence and his new girlfriend. Maybe they will get married soon. Or maybe they’re just having fun. We will keep you posted and let you know how this relationship turns. Leave a comment below on your thoughts of young women dating older men.

The New Girlfriend:

HOOD! LaLa Anthony Turns Into LaKeisha Grant Off POWER In New York Yesterday! — So our girl LaLa Anthony was spotted in New York yesterday and I had to blog about it because she was so hood. Now I know Lala is originally from Atlanta Georgia but she has actually became a native New Yorker. LaLa Anthony been living in New York so long….a lot of people forget her roots are in Atlanta Georgia.

I never really been a big fan of LaLa Anthony acting career because she hasn’t played many roles in movies. But I do like lala and Starz new hit power. Have you ever watch Power? That’s one of our favorite shows on TV.

LaLa Anthony plays this witty street hairdresser character in the movie Power. And she’s being played by her best friend who selling drugs out of her hair salon. Lala finds out about it and now they are no longer friends. I don’t want to give away too much but make sure you check out season 3 of Starz new hit power. Our girl girl Lala hold it down for the HOOD girls.


Blonde Hair Kanye West and Kim Kardashian 2017 Valentine’s Day Date In New York! — Where did Kim Kardashian and Kanye West spin thier Valentine’s Day? Well the married couple spent their Valentine’s Day in New York with Paparazzi all over the place taking pictures. How romantic. If Kanye West and Kim Kardashian really wanted to spend a romantic Valentine’s Day together that should have did it at home.

There’s nothing romantic about 30-40 paparazzi’s follow you around flashing their cameras. Kim Kardashian should have stayed at home and fixed her husband a great Valentine’s meal. Wouldn’t that have been nice? Instead the couple goes out of New York to dinner and probably really did not have a good time based on the look or Kanye West face.

Everything is for show including the kiss that you see in the picture above picture. Someone had to take the picture and post it on Kim Kardashian Instagram page. I understand that Kim Kardashian is a reality star but not everything is supposed to be posted on Instagram. Something just want to keep to yourself. Like that special kiss between you and your spouse Valentine’s Day.


LMAO!!! Safaree New Girlfriend ‘Star Divine’ Dubbed The Fake Nicki Minaj!! — Who is Safaree Samuel new Girlfirend? Safaree girlfriend Instagram page? Nicki Minaj ex-boyfriend Safaree Samuel is doing all he can to stay relevant. But you really can’t blame him. After being dumped by Nicki Minaj Safaree decided to go on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. And he’s also been on the K Michelle reality show the life of K Michelle. Now he has a new girlfriend that everyone on the Internet is bashing right now.

Keeping mind Safaree got into the mainstream Spotlight by being Nicki Minaj boyfriend. And that’s kind of rare because it’s always the other way around. We got celebrities like Amber Rose who became famous from being Kanye West girlfriend. We have Kim Kardashian who became famous from being Ray J girlfriend. And now we have Safaree famous for being Nicki Minaj ex-boyfriend.

So I guess people are fascinated with who Safaree dates now and apparently he’s dating some new model named Star Divine. And I guess she’s relevant because her photo shoot says Barbies all on it. Check out the video below and tell us what you think. Should we even care who Safaree dates? Leave us a comment below.


PLAYER? Tristan Thompson Still SMASHING His Baby Mama And Khloe Kardashian? — Who is Tristan Thompson Baby Mother? Is Tristan and Khloe still together? So NBA player Tristan Thompson is playing Khloe Kardashian and his baby mama? Apparently for Valentine’s Day Tristan Thompson gave Khloe Kardashian and his baby mama the exact same flowers. Trish and Thompson is now being trashed on social media for giving Khloe Kardashian and his baby mama the same roses for Valentine’s Day.

Let me explain this to you. In professional sports you have to have some type of gimmick to be on the blogs everyday. You got people like Odell Beckham jr. Who dye their hair blonde with curly on top looking like Raymond Noodles. You have James Harden who has a beard that he hasn’t shaved in 20 years. It is you have the players who date a Kardashian to get their names in the blogs everyday.

Tristan Thompson just signed a huge contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers. He just won an NBA championship. Tristan Thompson had everything he wanted except for his name being a household name and all the blogs everyday. So how did you get that? You date a Kardashian. And that’s what happened when Tristan Thompson. But be careful what you ask for.


REVEALED!!! Who Destroyed Beyonce Mural? Was It Rihanna Fans? — What happened to Beyonce Painting and who trashed her Mural in Melbourne? For some reason there is a fake battle between Beyonce and Rihanna won’t die down. The funny thing about this whole battle between Beyonce and Rihanna is… there is no battle. All this is made up by the fans. For some reason Beyonce fans and Rihanna fans don’t get along.

At first they try to start a rumor Jay-Z was cheating on Beyonce with Rihanna. Then they even try to make Rihanna be the Becky that Beyonce was talking about in her hit song Lemonade. And now we have a mural of Beyonce that was trash and then people on social media are blaming Rihanna fans

This is going too far. There’s no reason to blame Rihanna for Beyonce mural getting trashed. There’s no reason to blame Rihanna fans. The only person you can blame is the people who are responsible for doing it. So tell all the Becky’s to stop thrashing Beyonce murals. lol