THE BREAKUP!!! Moniece Lesbian Relationship Is Not Working Out!!!

THE BREAKUP!!! Moniece Lesbian Relationship Is Not Working Out!!! — Moniece is a complete mess that’s all I can say about this girl on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. I just read some information online that she’s been investigated for writing bad checks. Moniece has been a hot mess since she first started on the show where her kids father from new B2K.

At first, she came off as a businesswoman wanted to get her adult products in stores but then she kind of went away from that and just started being wild. The next time we were in a deuce to Moniece was she started dating Rich Dollaz from Love & Hip Hop New York and everybody thought this was kind of crazy. But I knew this was just a way for Love & Hip Hop Hollywood producers to merge Rich Dollars from New York to Los Angeles and as you can see that didn’t work out too well.

But now she’s coming back as a lesbian dating a girl who obviously not really into her but this is just another way to keep the storyline going. It almost reminds you of Mimi Faust on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood how she decided to start dating a woman as well. I’m more concerned about the message that is sending off to the viewers especially the young viewers. And to be honest you should be worried about Monique and her well-being because she has a lot of things going on with herself. Hopefully, we’ll need to get her stuff together because she’s going down the wrong path. What do you think? Leave a comment below.