BREAKING!!! Hip Hop ICON Passed Away!! He Was Only 57 Years Old!! RIP!! [PICS]

BREAKING!!! Hip Hop ICON Passed Away!! He Was Only 57 Years Old!! RIP!! [PICS] — This is truly a sad day in hip-hop. We lost one of the founders who coined the phrase Hip Hop. A lot of the youngsters may not recognize his name other than in the Notorious BIG song juicy. Lovebug Starski was more than just a name in Biggie’s Juicy song. He was an icon in his own right. Unfortunately, we have to sad responsibility to report Lovebug passed away at the age of 57. Lovebug Starski passed away in Las Vegas from a heart attack. But the cause of the heart attack has yet to be determined. Our hearts and prayers are saddened and go out to the family of Lovebug Starski. 57 years old it’s just too young.

Here’s what’s been reported by our friends at The Source magazine.

“Peace to Ron G, Brucie B, Kid Capri/ Funkmaster Flex and Lovebug Starski…” -Biggie Smalls “Juicy” The Hip Hop community is mourning as one of the founding fathers of Hip-Hop culture, Lovebug Starski has passed away.

He was 57 years old. Starski, whose real name is Kevin Smith, allegedly died from a heart attack in Las Vegas, but the cause of death has not been confirmed, Lovebug Starski is one of only two people who is said to have coined the term “Hip Hop” and along with partners Brucie B and DJ Hollywood, was instrumental as a DJ, emcee and a producer in the instructional days of Hip Hop in the South Bronx. He was a regular DJ at spots like Harlem World and the legendary Rooftop Roller Disco. Source