BREAKING!!! C-Murder STARVING Himself In PRISON and Master P Pleads For Help!! [Watch]

BREAKING!!! C-Murder STARVING Himself In Prison and Master P Pleads For Help!! [Watch] — Master P wants to thank everybody for the prayers going out to his brother C-Murder. It’s being reported that C-Murder who is currently Angola prison and he is starving himself. C-Murder has going on a hunger strike until someone listens to his case and listen to all the facts of his case.

Master P says his brother is innocent and even though they bump heads sometimes he still loves his brother. Master P also says there’s a tape at the nightclub shooter. And this proves C-Murder is innocent. Master P also says someone else already confessed to the murder. So C-Murder should be released from prison.

This is really serious because Master P went on Instagram letting the world know that his brother is in dire need. Check out the video below and tell us what you think.

Let’s all hope C-Murder is okay and hope that maybe he gets a new trial in light of this new evidence.