BAE WATCH! 5 Surprisingly Romantic Cities Of The World!! [Pics]

BAE WATCH! 5 Surprisingly Romantic Cities Of The World!! [Pics] — With Valentine’s Day been around the corner, we thought it’s a great idea to highlight a romantic couple and also romantic cities. And in the celebrity world right now… there’s no other couple more romantic then Ciara and Russell Wilson. Married for 2 years…This couple is going strong even in this social media world. Check out our list of 5 surprisingly romantic cities below. Leave a comment and tell us what you think.

BAE WATCH! 5 Surprisingly Romantic Cities Of The World!! [Pics]

5 Surprisingly Romantic Cities of the World

Our planet is enormous and astoundingly beautiful. But when it comes to an issue of traveling, most of the people choose the simplest options. It also refers to romantic trips. The most popular tropical resorts are crowded and lost their charm a long time ago (unless you rent a whole island or a huge mansion). Our mission today is to tell you about destinations with a hidden romantic atmosphere. These places usually are not included to the lists of the most romantic cities in the world like we used to think, their citizens don’t advertise their beauty, and you have to make some effort to get unforgettable impressions.

Teruel, Spain

When we talk about this country and its romantic destinations, first of all, we imagine beach resorts or spirits of youth in Madrid and Barcelona. Nevertheless, the leisurely and calm environment in a combination with truly unique architecture makes Teruel – a mountainous place on the north-east with elder’s prevalence in population – one of the most romantic cities in Spain. The city stands out for numerous of cathedrals and mansions designed in rare Spanish style called ‘Mudéjar’. It combines Moorish, Gothic, and Renaissance features. There is also an ancient legend about the local Romeo and Juliet – Diego and Isabel – who were separated by their parents and died in one day. Their monument, which is also their tomb, is located in San Peter’s Church.

Isle of Skye, Scotland

Nothing says romance like a few days spent on a distant island with a very low population. Are you thinking of Bali or the Caribbean right now? Forget it, it’s too easy and corny. Instead, let’s look at a spectacular view of the pristine and cold area on the west of Scotland. Skye is not a city; this is a quite big island with only a few small settlements. All the rest is virgin nature typical for this place. It is cold here indeed, but the local picturesque views of deserted rocky valleys and sheep’s pastures will make you feel the last two people on earth. Each day spent here will learn you to cherish the warmth in your relationship.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Once in a year, this place becomes the center of mass parties, randans, and indecent behavior. Due to the loud and obscene celebration of Mardi Gras, New Orleans can hardly be called a truly romantic city as we used to think. But wait a minute… This city, despite all the natural tragedies and controversial historical background, remains one of the centers of free manners and most romantic cities in the US as well. Good vibes of jazz and experimental arts, fantastic French architecture, mesmerizing southern nature, and hot weather makes it popular among the progressive young couples and those who are looking for new experience


Iseo, Italy

Lake Iseo is located on the south of Italy in a picturesque region Lombardy. There are several towns on the shore, but the most incredible holds the name of the reservoir. Iseo is a perfect romantic getaway, hidden in the depth of Italian Alps’ foothills. Opposite to Rome, Milan, Venice, and Verona, this tiny piece of calmness represents a perfect retreat for two. Visit one of the most romantic cities in Italy and Europe in general. Postpone a travel to the big Italian cities if you want a true privacy.

Los Angeles, California

One of the most populous cities in the world can hardly be called romantic… or not? In fact, regardless of its ultra-fast environment and a frightening criminal situation in some areas, Los Angeles attracts not only ambitious and gifted artists but also enamored couples. Breathtaking views of the ocean, glamorous studios, hilltops with mansions, and hundreds of memorable places for art lovers make this megalopolis a great place for a romantic getaway. Tired of the city? Whole California with its valleys and parks is yours! — Source